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Captain Songklod’s attackers deny political motivation

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The attackers of Captain Songklod Chuenchuphol aka Captain Poo Khem (salted crab), a core member of the nationalist group Thai Wisdom Guard, insisted the assault was not politically motivated.

Songklod had been attacked by a gang of five at around 1.30pm on Wednesday (September 16) when he stopped for lunch in Chachoengsao. He was driving to Nakhon Ratchasima.

Police arrested the attackers on Thursday and interrogated them to see if the attack was related to the video Songklod had posted earlier declaring war against local mafia.

The five assailants, however, said they attacked Songklod for overtaking their cars and interrupting their race. They said they tracked him down, beat him up and left him bleeding. However, they said, they began feeling guilty so surrendered to police.

Police said the case will be further investigated.

Published : September 17, 2020

By : The Nation