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Rescuers yet to find boy, 6, who fell in canal in Si Sa Ket

A six-year-old boy in Si Sa Ket province was swept away by the water currents in front of his sister on Monday after he reportedly fell into a canal.



Rescuers were unable to find the body on Monday.

At 10am, the sister, 10, ran to her neighbours to tell them that her brother had fallen into the water under the bridge in Sano subdistrict and they later told the parents.

The boy’s family promptly called rescuers for help. Khukan district police then launched a rescue operation sending divers to search for the victim.

Soda Pimsut, the village headman, said he had seen the two kids before the incident. He said that the two were heading to take a walk around the canal.

Due to a strong current, the rescuers were unable to find the boy and the operation had to end when it got dark but they would start the search again on Tuesday.

Published : October 20, 2020

By : The Nation