Fri, December 03, 2021


Royalist admits he took gun to Tuesday rally, denies using it

A royalist confessed he brought a weapon to the rally site at Kiak Kai intersection on Tuesday, but denied using it when monarchists and pro-democracy protesters began clashing.

The groups clashed twice that day and both times guns were pulled out resulting in five people sustaining gunshot wounds.
News reports on Wednesday said Kasidit Leelamuktanun, 35, was arrested by soldiers and sent to Bangkok’s Tao Poon Police Station. The man had reportedly hidden his revolver in the rally site and was caught red-handed when he tried to retrieve it.
Police said on Thursday that Kasidit confessed he owned the revolver and 10 bullets, claiming he had taken the gun to the rally for self-protection.
Police have sent his weapon to the Forensic Science division to determine if it was used in the clash, and have charged the suspect of possessing and carrying a weapon to a public place without permission.

Published : November 19, 2020