Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Ministry warns against sharing personal info with people masquerading as govt officials

The Ministry of Finance on Friday warned people against revealing personal information to fraudsters pretending to be government officials offering Bt2,000 cash as Covid-19 relief.



Fiscal Policy Adviser at the Fiscal Policy Office, Pornchai Triraveja, acting as the Finance Ministry's spokesperson warned that some criminals were trying to steal people's cash by contacting them for ID card and bank account numbers, offering to transfer Bt2,000 under the government's Covid-19 scheme.

He said such criminals were operating since 2019. They modify messages to gain the confidence of the people, such as offering to transfer the Comptroller-General's Department social welfare or the government's subsidy.

"The ministry has not instructed its officers to ask for citizens' ID card and bank account numbers, so we would like to ask them not to believe or share such information," he said.

He added that people can visit the ministry's website: www.mof.go.th or "Ministry of Finance News Station" Facebook page for the real information.

Published : November 20, 2020

By : The Nation