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NARIT captures Geminids meteor shower for Facebook slideshow

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) posted images of the Geminids meteor shower taken in Chiang Mai on its Facebook page on Monday.

Images of the meteor shower had been captured at the Huai Lan reservoir in San Kamphaeng district from 9pm on Sunday to the wee hours of Monday.

“As expected, the shower saw about 150 meteors falling per hour and we were able to capture clear images of fireball and bolide meteors,” NARIT said.

Photo Credit: NARIT Facebook page

The Geminids occur in December every year, when Earth passes through a dust trail from asteroid 3200 Phaethon, a Palladian asteroid with a “rock comet” orbit.

This makes the Geminids, together with the Quadrantids, the only major meteor showers not originating from a comet.

Photo Credit: NARIT Facebook page

This year, the shower peaked from December 6 to 14, with it being particularly intense in the early hours of December 14.

Published : December 14, 2020

By : The Nation