Thu, May 26, 2022


Arnon unfazed by lese majeste charges, says rallies will get more serious in 2021

Human-rights lawyer Arnon Nampa, who is also one of the core protest leaders, told the press on Monday morning that pro-democracy rallies next year will focus on far more serious issues.

Arnon was at the Bang Pho Police Station in Bangkok with his lawyer to hear charges of violating the lese majeste law during a rally at Kiak Kai intersection on November 17.

He told the press that he has been charged with violating the draconian law four times now, and expects more charges to be slapped on him soon, adding that he was ready to fight.

As for rallies, he said the protest leaders are currently relaxing and preparing to address far more serious issues next year.

Arnon is also scheduled to visit the Technology Crime Suppression Division to face another charge for allegedly violating the lese majeste law while participating in a demonstration at Democracy Monument on November 8.

Published : December 14, 2020