Sat, May 28, 2022


Pro-democracy protester visits police station over lese-majeste charge

Pro-democracy protester Jatuporn Sae-Aueng visited Yannawa Police Station in Bangkok on Thursday to hear a lese-majeste charge against her.

Jatuporn is a member of the pro-democracy group Free for Buriram. Attired in a particular Thai traditional costume, she took part in a demonstration in Bangkok’s Silom area on October 28.

She was charged, along with another protestors aged 16, under Section 112 for violating the lese-majeste law.

Yannawa police reportedly set up barriers to deal with any unexpected situation.

On Thursday morning, the We Volunteer pro-democracy group urged people via social media to wear traditional Thai costumes when they visit the station in a show of support for Jatuporn.

Published : December 17, 2020