Thu, October 28, 2021


Nonthaburi temple closed after Covid-19 patient found to be living in premises

The authorities in Nonthaburi province have closed Wat Lahan Temple in Bang Bua Thong district and other risk venues in the province, to contain the spread of Covid-19.


According to a document issued on Friday, the temple was ordered closed from January 1 to 14, after a Covid-19 patient was found living in the temple premises.


However, venues located near the temple have not been closed. The authority’s document did not inform about the number of people contacted by this patient who are at risk.


Another document issued on the same day announced a closure of some places in the province, including specific markets and buildings where confirmed cases had been found previously, schools, tuition centres, child development centres, nurseries, fitness clubs, cockfight rings, internet cafes, game centres, amulet markets, massage parlours, boxing stadiums and camps and snooker clubs.

Published : January 02, 2021