Thu, October 28, 2021


Protesters demand military, monarchy budget cuts to fund Covid remedial measures

Pro-democracy protesters gathered outside the Commerce Ministry on Friday to demand that the government cut spending on the military and monarchy in order to help Thais suffering amid the second wave of Covid-19.

Ratsadon protesters led by Panupong Jadnok attempted to deliver a petition of their demands but were blocked from entering the ministry building in Bangkok.

Panupong said they were demanding that the government offer monthly payments of Bt3,500 to all Thais aged 18 and over for three months. He said this measure would cost around Bt52.5 billion.

The Ratsadon group also called on the government to import more Covid-19 vaccines and distribute them as fairly as possible. This would not only curb the pandemic but also help stabilise the country’s economy, they said.

Meanwhile the government must help relieve people’s living costs by reducing water, electricity and internet bills for at least three months, said the protesters. Students’ tuition fees should also be reduced as they had been forced to study online due to the virus crisis.

Ratsadon’s petition was received by a ministry representative, before the demonstrators dispersed.

Panupong vowed they would return next Friday if there was no response to their demands.

“The government should not treat us like beggars. The remedial cash must be distributed as widely as possible”.


Published : January 22, 2021