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Bangkok schools reopen despite worries

Schools in Bangkok reopened on Monday after a long break since the New Year’s break, but under strict instructions to follow Covid-19 prevention measures.

Silpsuay Raweesangsoon, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) permanent-secretary, said schools have been told to limit classrooms to 25 students, avoid gatherings and ensure students wear masks at all times. She said schools can arrange alternative teaching schedules in case there aren’t enough classrooms.

Bangkok schools reopen despite worries

Schools are also required to set up temperature screening and handwashing points outside all classrooms.

She visited schools in Bangkok’s Bang Na district on Monday to ensure measures have been put in place.

Bangkok schools reopen despite worries

Silpsuay also called on schools to explain to parents that it is necessary to ensure their children are infection-free when taken to school. If a child is at risk or has symptoms, then parents need to coordinate with the school and report to the nearest mobile medical unit set up by the Public Health Ministry.

Bangkok schools reopen despite worries

She also recommended that both teachers and parents install the BKK Covid-19 smartphone application to make risk management easier.

Some parents of primary school students, meanwhile, said they were glad that schools have reopened and that they were not concerned because plenty of measures have been put in place.

However, parents of kindergarteners said they were worried because their children were too young, and age-related behaviour may be riskier than other students. They were concerned that their child would come in contact with unclean things and put unclean hands in their mouth. Also, some activities require close physical contact.

Bangkok schools reopen despite worries

Meanwhile, hashtags like #สนับสนุนเลื่อนเปิดเทอม [#SupportPostponeSchoolOpening] show that people are generally worried about the Covid-19 situation, especially since the number of new cases reported daily appears to be rising.

Published : February 01, 2021

By : The Nation