Mon, June 27, 2022


Robber snatches almost Bt1 million in necklaces from Koh Samui gold shop

An unarmed thief darted into a gold shop at Tesco Lotus in Koh Samui, grabbed 19 necklaces worth nearly Bt1 million from a display rack and swiftly disappeared through the department store’s rear exit. There was no report of any injuries.


Koh Samui’s Bo Phut police were alerted to the robbery at the Yaowarat Krungthep gold shop at precisely 11.34am on Tuesday and rushed to the scene.

The shop owner reportedly told them the thief – a man aged 35-40 years, tall and thin built, wearing black jeans, a blue jacket, a black and white cap and a face mask – stole the gold necklaces which weighed about 38 baht and cost almost Bt1 million.

There were only two of the shop’s staff and no customers in the store at the time of the robbery. The owner added that the thief did not brandish any weapon or talk to anyone.

CCTV footage showed that after leaving the mall, the robber jumped on a black Honda PCX motorcycle and sped away using a shortcut leading to Samui International Airport.

Police are now tracking the man and have set up roadblocks at possible escape routes.

Officers also said the suspect had dropped a bag containing an asthma inhaler while he ran away, so they speculated he might have asthma.

Published : February 03, 2021