Mon, December 06, 2021


Thais in Myanmar urged to follow new laws under junta regime

The Thai Embassy in Yangon said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that all Thai nationals living in the country should observe Myanmar’s revised laws.

The post said that Thais who wish to shift house must inform the ward or village-tract administrators as per the Ward and Village Tract Administration Law, which was amended on February 13.

The embassy also said people should think before sharing messages, images or video clips as they may violate Myanmar’s Criminal Code, which was revised on Valentine’s Day.

“Thais should also avoid going to areas where protests are being held,” the embassy warned.

According to Bloomberg, Brig-General Zaw Min Tun, the lead spokesman for the State Administration Council, said on Tuesday the military's action was in line with the 2008 charter and was “not a coup”. He said the regime was taking steps to fight Covid-19 and wanted to attract foreign investment. The new administration also sought to discredit protesters by releasing clips of them getting violent with security officials.

"To ensure democracy and prosperity, people should cooperate with us without being emotional," Zaw Min Tun said in the military's first official press briefing since the February 1 coup. He said the junta would proceed with an election according to its timeline while "trying not to be violent as much as possible".

The remarks signal Myanmar's army is looking to improve its image after tens of thousands of people have hit the streets in defiance for more than a week, drawing support from democracy activists in Asia and Western governments.

US President Joe Biden sanctioned coup leader Min Aung Hlaing and other top generals while foreign investors have reassessed plans to put money in the country.

Zaw Min Tun said the generals expected sanctions and dismissed their impact, saying it had experience of such things when Myanmar faced international isolation prior to its shift toward democracy a decade ago.

"We will make sure to keep good terms with the UN and all the countries," he said. "Our council is trying to strengthen ties with all countries."

Published : February 17, 2021

By : The Nation