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Livestock Department certifies Thailand’s first cage-free chicken egg farm in Saraburi

The Department of Livestock Development has certified the Wangsomboon Farm in Saraburi’s Muak Lek district as the country’s first cage-free egg farm that meets both product quality and chicken raising standards, said Nat Sawasrat, an expert veterinarian at Saraburi’s Department of Livestock Development.

“The farm’s certification is a first step in improving Thailand’s quality standards in egg farming, as it could help distribute know-how and related technology to farmers in other regions,” he said.

Somkid Wannalukkhee, the senior deputy managing director of Charoen Pokphand Foods’ (CPF) egg business, said the Wangsomboon Farm and CPF have been working together since 2018 in adapting European standards on cage-free egg farming to Thailand’s weather and environment.

“We have allotted adequate raising areas that hold a maximum of nine hens per square metre in a closed barn featuring automatic temperature control and ventilation systems, with round-the-clock monitoring,” he said.

Livestock Department certifies Thailand’s first cage-free chicken egg farm in Saraburi

“Habitat conditions for the chickens strictly follow animal welfare standards, with a 15-centimetre-long roost installed for each chicken to sit in and relax, which promotes their natural interaction with each other,” Somkid said.

“Meanwhile, the disease-prevention measures within the farm are in compliance with the Biosecurity Hi-tech Farming standard, which helps promote the physical and mental health of the chickens and reduces the need for antibiotics,” he said.

“Eggs from the Wangsomboon Farm are of the highest standard and are trusted by leading restaurants, including Shabu Shabu, Momo Paradise and Raan Jay Fai, a one Michelin star winner,” Somkid added.

The Wangsomboon Farm currently has a production capacity of 10 million eggs per year from 12 barns and is planning to increase the capacity to 15 million eggs this year.

Published : February 18, 2021