Sun, October 17, 2021


Pro-democracy group to hold its own 'people's censure debate' in front of Parliament 

A pro-democracy group, “Mob Fest”, posted on its Facebook page on Thursday that it would hold a “Censure debate by the people” in front of Parliament on Friday from 5pm, during the fourth day of the censure debate against the Prayut Chan-o-cha government by opposition parties.  

The official censure debate in Parliament, in Bangkok's Dusit district, began on February 16 and ends on Friday, while the vote on the no confidence motion will take place on Saturday.

“Our debate will address eight key topics that reflect problems under Prayut’s administration,” said the group.

The topics are:
1. Are the government’s measures improving or worsening (people's problems)?
2. UBI (Universal Basic Income): A solution for disparity
3. Drive the government away before they evict us
4. Thai police are slaves at heart
5. Bring peace to the deep South peaceful during our generation
6. A hell named schools
7. Politics and sex
8. NCPO (National Council for Peace and Order)’s trick in amending the Constitution.

Published : February 19, 2021