Thu, October 28, 2021


Cool weather continues in upper Thailand

The moderate high-pressure system from China covering upper Thailand is weakening. Cool to cold weather is likely in the Northeast, the Thailand Meteorological Department forecast on Sunday.

The North, the Central and the East, including Bangkok and its vicinity, are likely to experience cool weather in the morning. People in upper Thailand should take care of their health due to the variable weather, the department said.

A moderate northeast monsoon continues over the Gulf of Thailand and the South. Wind waves in the lower Gulf are likely to rise about two metres high hence all ships in the lower Gulf should proceed with caution, the department said.

Tropical storm “Dujuan” over the Pacific Ocean is expected to make landfall over the Philippines on February 21-22 and downgrade after that. The storm will have no significant impact on Thailand, the department said.

The 24-hour weather forecast for different regions:

North: cool morning; minimum temperature 17-20 degrees Celsius, maximum 30-34°C; cold to very cold on mountaintops with minimum temperature 6-15°C; southeasterly winds 10-20 km/hr.

Northeast: Cool to cold morning; minimum temperature 14-19°C, maximum 30-33°C; cold on the mountaintop with minimum temperature 8-12°C; northeasterly winds 10-30 km/hr.

Central: Cool morning; minimum temperature 18-22°C, maximum 31-34°C; easterly winds 10-25 km/hr.

East: Cool morning; minimum temperature 18-22°C, maximum 32-34°C; easterly winds 15-35 km/hr; waves about a metre high and 1-2 metres offshore.

South (east coast): Partly cloudy with isolated light rains; minimum temperature 20-25°C, maximum 30-33°C.

From Surat Thani northward: Easterly winds 15-35 km/hr; waves 1-2 metres high.

From Nakhon Si Thammarat southward: Easterly winds 20-35 km/hr; waves about two metres high.

South (west coast): Partly cloudy; Minimum temperature 21-25°C, maximum 33-36°C; easterly winds 15-35 km/hr; waves 1- 2 metres high and about two metres offshore.

Bangkok and its vicinity: Cool morning; minimum temperature 21-22°C, maximum 32-34°C; easterly winds 10-25 km/hr.

Published : February 21, 2021

By : The Nation