Sat, October 23, 2021


Most people unaware of vaccine passport: poll

Most people do not know what a vaccine passport is, according to Bangkok Poll.


On Saturday, Bangkok University revealed its poll results on “vaccine passport and tourism in the future”, conducted recently among 1,210 samples nationwide.


The vaccine passport reduces the number of days in quarantine for travellers with vaccination certificates from 14 days to seven.


According to the poll, 69.2 per cent did not know what the measure was, while some 44.6 per cent aimed to use the vaccination certificates to travel to Japan.


Asked which business would benefit from the vaccine passport, 49 per cent of respondents said tourism attractions, while 23.9 said aviation and 13.4 per cent tourism agencies.


The rest 5.9 and 3.6 per cent said accommodation and restaurants respectively, the poll added.


However, 49 per cent of those surveyed were concerned the vaccination certificates could be forged if the vaccine passport is available.

Published : March 13, 2021