Saturday, June 19, 2021


224 found infected after nearly 5,000 tested related to Covid-19 outbreak in Bangkok

Another 224 cases of Covid-19 related to the Covid-19 outbreak in Bang Khae district have been found, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) reported on Monday following proactive testing from March 11-14.



Out of 4,991 people tested, 224 were found positive for Covid-19, 3,086 were negative and 1,681 results are awaited.

Last week, the BMA found 96 positive cases among 2,335 people tested at Bang Kae’s Wonder Market from March 7-13, prompting it to launch active testing of people living near six markets in Bang Khae district -- Sirisetthanont Market, Bang Khae Shopping Centre Market, Kitti Market, Phasom Market, Bang Khae New Market, and Wonder Market.

Local residents and anyone who had visited the markets between February 20 and March 13 have been urged to get a free test until March 26 from the mobile testing units stationed at the public park near The Mall Bang Khae, Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang said on Monday.

The units can test a 1,000 people per day.

224 found infected after nearly 5,000 tested related to Covid-19 outbreak in Bangkok

A Bang Khae public health officer said: “The registration for testing started at 7.30am. Don’t forget to bring you ID card and mobile phone to scan a QR Code for symptom monitoring application that you should use for 14 days after testing. If you are found to be infected, officials will send an alert to your phone within 1-2 days and will later send an instruction to get treatment.”

The BMA will also clean up and disinfect the six markets on Tuesday from 9am. The markets will remain closed until March 18.

Published : March 16, 2021