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An idea of how much a night at the pub can cost you – in calories

It is the end of the week and time to party again. But do you know how many calories you put away with each drink you consume?

  An idea of how much a night at the pub can cost you – in calories


Here’s a short list to give you an idea:
Beer (330ml): 140-160 calories
Liquor shot (45ml): 90-100 calories
Wine (147ml): 100-110 calories
Alcopops (275ml): 250-300 calories.


So, how much alcohol is safe to consume?
According to, men can consume up to four units of alcohol a day, while women can drink up to three units daily.


And how do units add up?
Beer (330-440ml): 3 units
Wine (125-150ml): 1.5 units
Alcopop (275ml): 1.5 units
Shot of 40% proof liquor (25ml): 1 unit
Bottle of 40% proof liquor (750ml): 30 units.


Here is how one 330ml bottle of beer packing 140 calories stands against other drinks:
Can of carbonated soft drink: 140 calories
Glass of bubble milk tea: 200-400 calories
Bottle of honey-flavoured green tea: 220 calories


Drink responsibly
Though alcoholic beverages are packed with calories, they are not the only reason for obesity. Empty calories can also come from other sources.
This article has been written to give readers an idea about calories, not to promote drinking.



Published : March 27, 2021