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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Situation in Myanmar 'not dangerous enough to warrant evacuation of Thais'

Situation in Myanmar 'not dangerous enough to warrant evacuation of Thais'

SUNDAY, March 28, 2021
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The turmoil in Myanmar has not yet reached a level as to require an immediate evacuation of Thai people, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Ministry spokesman Thani Saengrat said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon had already prepared a plan to evacuate Thai people, and the situation was assessed every day.

The Royal Thai Embassy, ​​in collaboration with Team Thailand in Yangon, has held meetings to discuss the situation continuously, including improvements for evacuating Thai people in accordance with current events and with great care, Thani said.

"If the situation rises to another level, the Thai authority has already prepared every step. Myanmar has already recommended that those without major activities in Myanmar should consider returning to their country by commercial aircraft. However, no country has yet informed or asked to evacuate all of its nationals,” the foreign ministry spokesman said.

He said that no Thai had been harmed by the political turmoil in the neighbouring country after the recent coup.

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