Thu, October 28, 2021


Thai FDA gives 3 private companies right to import Covid-19 vaccines

Three private firms have been given the okay to import and register for the administration of Covid-19 vaccines, while another company is under consideration, Dr Paisan Dankhum, secretary-general of the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said on Monday.

“So far, 14 companies have applied for permission to import the vaccine but only four have submitted the necessary documents. The FDA has been carefully considering all candidates with a focus on public safety and health,” he said.

Paisan added that the FDA has never blocked any private party from importing vaccines as claimed on some media channels. “Up until now, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation has been the sole importer of Covid-19 vaccines and the FDA has been inviting qualified private firms to register as importers,” he said. “We will hold a meeting with the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Thai Industries and representatives from private hospitals to address procedures that importers need to follow.

“The FDA has also launched an online platform for companies to register their health products with speed, convenience and transparency,” added Paisan. “We have been strictly following the law in registration procedures with no special treatment being given to any particular applicant to ensure people are safe and can benefit from the products.”

Published : April 20, 2021