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Eggs with heart-shaped logo prove the laying hens were happy

The Department of Livestock Development has started issuing certificates to farmers who do not cage their laying hens in a bid to promote animal welfare and offer consumers healthier alternatives.

Sorawit Thaneeto, director-general of the department, said the certification stamp is shaped in a heart and the letter Q to signify kindness and quality.

“The stamp will be given to farms where the laying hens are happy, healthy and can lead their lives naturally resulting in the production of quality eggs,” he said.

Eggs with heart-shaped logo prove the laying hens were happy

He added that the green in the stamp represents nature, while gold signifies quality and happiness.

“Farmers can display the stamp on their products to show the farm has been inspected. There is a great demand for cage-free eggs overseas, like in Hong Kong,” he said.

He said since mid-February, four farmers with a total production capacity of about 150,000 eggs daily have received the stamp.

“Those interested can seek certification or more information at Livestock Development offices nationwide. Consumers, meanwhile, can purchase these cage-free eggs at all markets and department stores,” he added.

Published : April 21, 2021

By : The Nation