Wed, December 01, 2021


Nearly 400,000 people register for vaccine as MohPromt recovers from breakdowns

The Ministry of Public Health, said on Saturday evening that the MorPrompt vaccination registration system was now working normally and 430,588 people had registered for inoculation against Covid-19.

329,717 had registered through Line application and 100,871 through the MorPrompt application.

MohPromt (Doctor ready) has been dubbed sarcastically as "Moh Mai Promt" (Doctor is not ready) because many users could not be verified or register due to breakdowns.

Dr Pongsadhorn Pokpermdee, senior officer at the ministry, said that successful registration depends on three elements: MorPrompt on Line and its application, white list or list of hospitals offering vaccination, and daily vaccination slot at the hospital.

On Saturday morning, registration in Bangkok was delayed as only 24 hospitals had opened the system. However, now 134 out of 160 are open, but field hospitals have not opened yet as the elderly and those with chronic diseases will be vaccinated on priority.

The ministry was informed that the system in every hospital had been opened, Pongsadhorn said, adding small hospitals accepted reservations for 360 people per day.

Large hospitals accepted 600 people per day. He said that calculated from the time of injection at one minute per person, 16 million people could get 16 million doses within 54 days.

About one million patients may have been dropped from the list, hence some people do not find their names when registering, the official said.

The ministry has solved the problem by opening a MorPrompt Line OA version 2.1 so that people who do not appear on the list can manually fill in the form or notify the hospital with a history of treatment, he added.

Vaccination target groups were divided into five groups totalling 50 million people: 1.2 million health personnel; 1.8 million health-related personnel who work in risk areas; 4.3 million patients in seven groups of chronic diseases under 60 years of age, such as chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, stroke, obesity, cancer and diabetes; 11.7 million elderly people aged 60 years and above, and the remaining 31 million general people.

AstraZeneca vaccine will be provided in June-July to 16 million people. A poll by the Ministry of Public Health found that only 60-70 per cent of those people need the vaccine. This means there would definitely be enough vaccine and there was no need to hurry to register, the official said.

Registration opened on May 1 and vaccinations start from June 7.

Registration is open to the general public from July 1, and vaccination for those groups begin on August 1, with 10 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine per month from Siam Bioscience. Other vaccines will be introduced gradually, the ministry official said.

Published : May 02, 2021

By : The Nation