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Tracking Covid-19 vaccines and approvals worldwide

Most governments are paying close attention to the development and production of Covid-19 vaccines, but it is not an easy task because time and money is needed to conduct clinical tries.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker website provides clear, comprehensive updates about the development of vaccines and approvals worldwide.

The website was developed by professors from the McGill University’s School of Population and Global Health, as well as a team of experts in epidemiology, vaccinology, public health, infectious diseases, biostatistics and related fields.

“We developed the Covid-19 vaccine trials and approvals database for this site from publicly available data sources," the group said.

According to the website on Wednesday, 326 Covid-19 vaccines were under clinical trials, 14 vaccines had been approved and five vaccines were no longer progressing.

Here are the 14 vaccines approved by at least one country:

1. Anhui Zhifei Longcom: RBD-Dimer

2. Bharat Biotech: Covaxin

3. CanSino: Ad5-nCoV

4. Chumakov Center: KoviVac

5. FBRI: EpiVacCorona

6. Gamaleya: Sputnik V

7. Pfizer/BioNTech: BNT162b2

8. Serum Institute of India: Covishield

9. Sinopharm (Wuhan): Inactivated (Vero Cells)

10. Sinovac: CoronaVac

11. Oxford/AstraZeneca: AZD1222

12. Moderna: mRNA-1273

13. Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): Ad26.COV2.S

14. Sinopharm (Beijing): BBIBP-CorV

Five of these vaccines have been approved by Thailand:

• Sinovac: CoronaVac

Approved in 24 countries

• Oxford/AstraZeneca: AZD1222

Approved in 93 countries

• Pfizer/BioNTech: BNT162b2

Approved in 85 countries

• Moderna: mRNA-1273

Approved in 46 countries

• Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): Ad26.COV2.S

Approved in 41 countries

However, Thailand currently only has supplies of Sinovac and AstraZeneca.

Thailand is also conducting clinical trials on two vaccines:

• Chulalongkorn University: ChulaCov19

• Mahidol University: NDV-HXP-S

Published : May 05, 2021

By : The Nation