Mon, October 25, 2021


Elephant limps away after collision with 10-wheel truck

A 10-wheel truck smashed into a wild elephant on a dark road in a Buri Ram wildlife sanctuary early this morning, causing damage to both the vehicle and the animal.

Non Din Daeng police and officers from Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary rushed to the scene after being alerted to the accident at 3.30am.

The driver of the truck, Lampong Faikhao, told police he was transporting eucalyptus wood from Sisaket to Chonburi. He said the elephant appeared suddenly in front of the truck, making a collision unavoidable.

The elephant was able to limp away from the crash with an injured left rear leg, though extensive damage to the front of the truck indicated a high-impact collision. Sanctuary officials have called in veterinarians to examine the elephant.


Published : May 13, 2021

By : The Nation