Fri, May 27, 2022


Thai fruit and durian exporters explore Dongxing checkpoint to enter Chinese market

Some 275 tons of fruit smoothly crossed the Dongxing checkpoint, offering a new land route option for Thai exporters to enter the Chinese market.

A fleet of 13 trucks transported 275 tons of dragon fruit, jackfruit and Thai durian from Vietnam's Maung Kai checkpoint to Dongxing checkpoint in southern China. The products went through Dongxing Customs smoothly on Friday.

"The Dongxing checkpoint will become a new option for Thai companies to export fruit to the Chinese market," said Benjamas Tanvetyanont, Thai consul-general in Nanning, China.

“Economic growth and agriculture between the two countries would benefit," she said.

Nong Li Ching, a fruit importer, said that when there was news that the Dongxing Highway Checkpoint -- the second bridge over the Pei Lun River -- was open for importing fruit, they hurriedly arranged for import of durian, which is now in season.

Customs clearance at this checkpoint is fast, allowing them to quickly deliver fruit to consumers.

The Dongxing checkpoint permits the import of nine types of fresh Vietnamese fruit, such as mangosteen and dragon fruit, as well as 22 types of fresh Thai fruit, such as durian and rose apple, with additional fruit types to be imported in the future especially from Asean countries.

Published : May 16, 2021

By : The Nation