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Good moos for farmers: Milk alliance wants every Thai to drink 25 litres per year

The government has joined with the dairy industry in Thailand’s latest effort to boost the milk market and people’s health at the same time.

The "Good Milk Network for All Ages" will see the Department of Livestock Development promote the health benefits of drinking milk to people across the whole of Thai society. The goal is to increase average milk consumption of Thais to 25 litres per person per year by 2027, said Sorravis Thaneto, director-general of the department.

Currently, each Thai drinks an average 18 litres of milk per year, while Singaporeans drink an average 62 litres per person per year.

According to a Suan Dusit Poll survey, 44.1 per cent of Thais drink milk regularly but in small quantities.

However, the older Thai people get, the less milk they drink. Almost nine in 10 (88.9 per cent) Thai children aged 3-12 consume milk (apart from the free milk provided at school), but this figure drops to 44.39 per cent in Thais aged 13-20 and continues to decline with increasing age.

Joining the government in the latest milk push are the Animal Husbandry Association of Thailand, Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand, Thai Holstein Friesian Dairy Association, Pasteurized Milk Producers Association, and the Dairy Cooperative Federation of Thailand.

Published : May 24, 2021

By : The Nation