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SUNDAY, October 02, 2022
Keep your staff in line, Chuan warns MPs

Keep your staff in line, Chuan warns MPs

TUESDAY, May 25, 2021

At a meeting with government and opposition whips on Monday, House Speaker Chuan Leekpai said the followers of some MPs had behaved badly with medics providing Covid-19 jabs to parliament staff.

“There have been complaints that the staff of some MPs have been jumping queues at vaccination venues, and some have also yelled at doctors and nurses administering the shots over the past two days,” Chuan said.

“Though MPs are behaving themselves, they need to keep their staff in line too, as they are a reflection on all of us who have been elected by the people.”

Chuan met the whips to set an agenda for the May 27-28 Parliament session being held to discuss the two new emergency decrees.

The House speaker said the Parliament meeting to consider the 2022 national budget will be held as scheduled from May 31 to June 2, and that Covid-19 preventive measures will be employed in all areas of the complex.

“We estimate that the debate will take 47 hours and 30 minutes. Government and opposition MPs will get 22 hours of debate time each, while the chairman will take three hours 30 minutes,” he added.

“Since vaccination is voluntary, MPs who have not been vaccinated will be allowed to attend provided they strictly follow the Covid-19 preventive measures,” Chuan added.