Opposition gets ready to attack govt over 2022 budget bill

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2021

The opposition, led by Pheu Thai and Move Forward parties, are getting ready to attack the government over the 2022 national budget in Parliament from Monday.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to debate the 3.1-trillion-baht budget for the fiscal year 2022 until June 2.

Pheu Thai Party will have 55 MPs and the Move Forward Party will have 21 MPs take the floor to question the government’s decision on four aspects:

• What if the expectation of the economy recovering in 2022 is not met?

• Not enough funds have been allocated to stimulate the economy and solve the Covid-19 crisis.

• The government’s decision to take loans will ruin the country’s monetary system.

• Funds have been allocated to benefit the coalition parties instead of the people. For instance, more money has been allocated to the Defence Ministry than the Public Health Ministry.

The 3.1-trillion-baht budget is allocated as follows:

Central budget: 571.04 billion

Prime Minister's Office: 34.01 billion

Defence Ministry: 203.28 billion

Finance Ministry: 273.94 billion

Foreign Ministry: 7.61 billion

Tourism and Sports Ministry: 5.16 billion

Social Development and Human Security Ministry: 24.66 billion

Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Ministry: 124.18 billion

Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry: 110.12 billion

Transport Ministry: 175.85 billion

Digital Economy and Society Ministry: 6.97 billion

Natural Resources and Environment Ministry: 28.32 billion

Energy Ministry: 2.71 billion

Commerce Ministry: 6.52 billion

Interior Ministry: 316.52 billion

Justice Ministry 24.32 billion

Labour Ministry 49.74 billion

Culture Ministry: 7.10 billion

Education Ministry: 332.39 billion

Public Health Ministry: 153.94 billion

Industry Ministry: 4.38 billion