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NHSO pays THB400,000 compensation in three cases of deaths after vaccination

More than 260 people have sought compensation, and 162 were approved for serious side-effects attributed to vaccination, Dr Jadej Thammatach-aree, secretary-general of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), revealed.

From June 7, Thailand will embark on a mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19 across the country with a goal of covering 50 million people or 70 per cent of the total population.

The authorities have braced for the possibility of some people having adverse reactions after vaccination.

The government has a policy to make preliminary aid payments to such groups to ensure that people are taken care of.

Dr Jadej said that the NHSO needed to explain to the people that in case of suspected adverse effect or death from the vaccine, people can apply for preliminary aid.

Recently, six cases of deaths were filed across the country. In one case submitted to the Bangkok subcommittee, the experts ruled that the death was not related to the vaccination against Covid-19.

Compensation of THB400,000 was approved by the NHSO in three cases of deaths linked to vaccination.

One of the victims, Somchai Muangwang, 50, received the Covid-19 vaccine in Pathum Thani province. The subcommittee said his heart had been damaged. It was a symptom that occurred after vaccination, as he had tightness of the chest, and died five days after inoculation. The victim was the head of a family, the caregiver of his parents, and the main income earner of the family. NHSO transferred the money to his son's account on June 4.

Udon Yenjit, village headman of Huai Ma subdistrict in Muang Phrae district, received the Covid-19 vaccination on May 17. On the night of May 18, he had an emergency illness and was taken to Phrae Hospital and later died.

The wife of the deceased said that after vaccinating against Covid-19, her husband continued to work normally. On the day of the incident, her husband went to bed at around 3pm and had trouble breathing. He was swiftly sent to the hospital where he died.

According to treatment history, it was found that the deceased had Thyrotoxicosis, which was identified as the primary cause of death (acute heart failure). However, the family of the deceased received THB400,000 compensation as the committee considered it an adverse event that occurred due to the Covid-19 vaccination.

In the third case, the deceased (name withheld) received the first vaccine dose on May 14, and there were no abnormal symptoms during the first 30 minutes. Two days later, on May 16, there was slight muscle soreness. Three days later, on May 19, he lost consciousness so he was admitted to Sikarin Hospital, Hat Yai, in Songkhla province. On May 22, he started having headaches, fatigue and loss of consciousness and passed away on May 27.

This case is considered an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccination. Although it is not conclusively related to vaccination, the NHSO took a lenient view to alleviate the family's suffering as the deceased was the pillar of the family. The subcommittee, therefore, resolved to pay THB400,000.

Published : June 06, 2021

By : The Nation