Sun, October 17, 2021


Only consume bagged ice, advises health chief

People should only consume crushed ice from GMP-certified manufacturers to avoid contamination, Department of Health director-general Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingjaroenchai advised on Tuesday.

He was responding to people’s concern about ice products being contaminated after a new Covid-19 cluster recently emerged in ice factories in Samut Prakan and Chonburi.

“The department has told all ice manufacturers to boost their Covid-19 screening measures and complete an evaluation exercise via the ‘Thai Stop Covid Plus’ online platform [],” he said. “Factory employees are also advised to complete the self-evaluation form on every day before heading to work to ensure they are safe from Covid-19.”

The department has also instructed ice factories to maintain social-distancing measures in the manufacturing area, disinfect the premises as scheduled, provide sanitary shoes for employees and avoid placing ice blocks on the floor. Employees are also required to wear face masks while working and to strictly adhere to the Public Health Ministry’s disease control measures.

“People should avoid consuming crushed ice as it involves direct contact with workers,” Suwanchai said. “Instead, people should buy ice cubes in sealed packages that have a good manufacturing practice or GMP stamp. Cubes of ice are manufactured by machines and there is no human contact after they are sealed in bags.

“Dessert or beverage stalls that usually use crushed ice can switch to using packaged ice in smaller tubes or cubes,” he added. “Restaurants that use crushed ice to keep their meat and ingredients fresh can cover the ice with plastic first, so the food does not touch the ice directly.”

Published : June 08, 2021