Sat, November 27, 2021


Sinopharm recipients will be insured for THB1 million in case of death or coma

Chulabhorn Royal Academy (CRA) announced on Wednesday that it would sell Sinopharm’s Covilo Covid-19 vaccine to organisations at THB888 per jab and would pay THB1 million in compensation to the family of anyone who dies or goes into a coma from the jab.

The price of THB888 includes transportation, storage and insurance fees, the latter in case of side-effects.

“In case recipients of the Sinopharm vaccine die or go into a coma, they will be compensated at THB1 million,” the CRA said. “In case they are hospitalised after the jab, medical fees will be covered at a maximum of THB30,000.”

To be eligible for the compensation, candidates must be a Thai national or an expatriate living in the country for more than nine months and not be over 99 years of age.

The insurance coverage will start from the vaccination date and will last for one year.

The CRA opened registration for company customers starting on June 14. As of Tuesday (June 15) as many as 10,011 organisations applied for Sinopharm for a total of 3,660,616 staff.

Registration will close on Friday (June 18) at 4pm.

Published : June 17, 2021