Wed, June 29, 2022


Thailand’s longest dual-track tunnel excavated

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Excavation for Thailand’s longest tunnel, which is part of the Northeast dual-track railway, is mostly finished, the tunnelling company announced on Friday.

The 5.2-kilometre tunnel is part of the Northeast dual-track railway running from Mab Kabao in Saraburi to Nakhon Ratchasima’s Thanon Chira junction.

“The Mab Kabao-Thanon Chira junction project covers 134km and is being built as part of a joint venture between Italian-Thai Development and Right Tunnelling [RT],” said RT’s chief executive officer Chawalit Thanomthin.

Thailand’s longest dual-track tunnel excavated

“The route will have three tunnels, with Mab Kabao being the longest at 5.2km. The other two are Muak Lek at 0.26km and Khananjit at 1.17km.”

Chawalit added that once the excavation of the tunnel is complete, the company will start working on the tunnel’s concrete structure.

“The project has been affected by the outbreak in the past few months, but the company has a risk-management plan that will ensure the project is completed within this year as per the contract,” he said. “The project is more than 80 per cent complete and RT stands to earn a total of 2.29 billion baht from this project.”

Published : June 18, 2021