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Chachoengsao patient goes berserk, threatens to slit guard’s throat

A 36-year-old patient in Chachoengsao’s Buddhasothorn Hospital threatened to slit a guard’s throat yesterday when the guard tried to break up a brawl between the patient and hospital staff.

The patient is being treated for mental illness.

Witness Panfa Suwankul said she arrived at the hospital to find the patient fighting with staff at the hospital’s emergency room entrance. When a security guard tried to intervene, the patient threatened him with a utility cutter, forcing the guard to retreat.

Six local police officers then showed up with catchpoles to try and corner the attacker. However, they were not able to hold him back for too long, and the patient managed to make his way to the hospital building.

Medics inside the hospital knew how to deal with mentally ill patients and managed to sedate him. The patient was then returned to the psychiatric department and tied to his bed.

This is not the first case of a patient attacking hospital staff.

On Tuesday, a female psychiatric patient in Chulalongkorn Hospital stabbed a doctor in the chest with a fruit knife. Though the doctor was critically wounded, she is now out of danger.

A hospital worker said the patient had been admitted to the hospital because she was suffering from study-related stress. The patient stabbed the doctor while being examined.

Published : July 08, 2021

By : The Nation