Wed, October 20, 2021


Chulalongkorn Hospital seeking older volunteers for mRNA vaccine trial

Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine is seeking healthy volunteers for human trials of its ChulaCov19 vaccine in elderly people. To be eligible, volunteers must be 56-75 years old with no underlying disease and never have been infected with Covid-19 or vaccinated.

Those who meet the preliminary criteria will be invited to participate in screening from August 3-10 August while vaccination will start at the end of August.

The ChulaCov19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine made from fragments of the coronavirus' genetic material. When the body receives this tiny piece of genetic material, it builds the spike protein and stimulates the immune system to fight the virus.

The first clinical trial launched on June 14 with two groups of 72 people. The first group consisted of 36 volunteers aged 18-55 years old and the second group consisted of 36 volunteers aged 65-75 years old.

Published : August 04, 2021

By : The Nation