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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Immigration Bureau says staffer not involved with govt watchlist

Immigration Bureau says staffer not involved with govt watchlist

WEDNESDAY, August 11, 2021

The Immigration Bureau on Tuesday denied that one of its staff, whose name appeared at the bottom of a so-called government watchlist leaked online this week, was involved with the document.

On Monday, Move Forward Party MP Rangsiman Rome posted on his Facebook page about an alleged secret watchlist issued by the government, which included his name and three other members of the same party, along with 179 others as well as 19 Facebook users.

In addition to the names, the documents show each person’s date of birth and status if they are still in Thailand, live overseas or are not allowed to leave the country due to bail conditions.

Rangsiman questioned whether the government views Move Forward members or people who show resistance as its foes.

The watchlist did not specify from which organisation it was issued, but at the bottom right was the name “Sophida”, without a surname, but thought to be a police officer from the Immigration Bureau who was reported to have updated the list on June 1.

Now in response, the bureau insisted that “Sophida” was not a person in charge of the watchlist, and the bureau was even not related to the papers.

The bureau also added that people related to political movements in Thailand can legally leave the country if they have no arrest warrant against them.