Don’t fall for ‘too good to be true’ deals on Facebook, police warn


Royal Thai Police (RTP) warned people on Thursday against falling for great deals offered on Facebook.

RTP deputy spokesperson Pol Colonel Siriwat Deepor cited the case of a man called Peerasilp (last name withheld) who was arrested on Tuesday over charges of fraud and violation of the Computer Crime Act.

Peerasilp ran a page called “Here Ball Rod Ban” (Mr Ball’s Motorhome) through which he allegedly sold cars, motorbikes, tractors, combine harvesters and even cattle. However, his customers reportedly did not receive any of the items they had paid for. Police claim the man duped people out of millions of baht.

Siriwat also cited an earlier case, when another man was arrested for reportedly selling luxury cars and other automobiles at a very low price, claiming they were legal. Police, however, caught on when checks showed the registrations were fake.

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Siriwat said buyers should first check if the Facebook page is reliable and if they buy vehicles online, they should ensure the vehicles’ ownership documents are real.