Sat, January 22, 2022


Army condoles with family of soldier who died in South Sudan

The Royal Thai Army expressed condolences to the family of a soldier who died in South Sudan last week.

Master Sergeant Kiattisak Praphan-Anurak, 56, a vehicle officer of Development 1 Division reportedly died in his sleep in his room at the Thai soldiers' camp on September 11. He was on a Thailand-South Sudan joint Army engineer mission.

“The master sergeant did not die from fighting local armed insurgents, or while on a mission outside the camp,” the Army said on Sunday.

“Kiattisak’s body had been sent to a local hospital for autopsy to determine the cause of death under supervision of the United Nations, which oversees the joint mission," the Army said. “After that, the body will be transported back to Thailand for the funeral. The Army will be responsible for all the transportation and funeral expenses, as well as provide benefits to the family to the best of our ability.”

Published : September 13, 2021