Govt warns food delivery platforms not to raise fees as fuel crisis bites


The Commerce Ministry has warned online shopping and food delivery platforms not to raise their fees, as the global energy crisis drives up the cost of living in Thailand.

The ministry’s Department of Internal Trade (DIT) recently held talks with operators of Shopee, Lazada, Grab Food, Lineman, Foodpanda, Robinhood, and AirAsia Food over concerns that delivery fees will increase in line with the rising fuel price.

“After the talks, all operators insisted that they have not raised the delivery fees and have no plan to do so in the near future,” DIT director-general Wattanasak Sueaiam said on Monday

Wattanasak said he told operators not to raise delivery fees during the current period as the energy price crisis and the spread of Covid-19 meant more people were relying on delivery services.

He also said that platforms must clearly display their product prices, specifications, delivery fees, and any other other fees that will be charged upon delivery. Failure to do so was a violation of Price of Goods and Services Act, punishable by a fine of up to Bt10,000, he warned

“To report unfair price adjustment or any offence relating to product pricing, quality or quantity, contact the Department of Internal Trade’s 1569 hotline or the provincial Commerce office in your area,” he added.