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SUNDAY, December 03, 2023

Controls on food delivery staff tightened as Covid spreads in Bangkok

Controls on food delivery staff tightened as Covid spreads in Bangkok
WEDNESDAY, May 05, 2021

The Department of Health on Wednesday tightened Covid-19 preventive measures for delivery service operators in a bid to gain confidence among customers.

The move follows claims on social media that the Covid-19 outbreak in Bangkok’s Klong Toei slums was caused by residents there who work as food delivery staff.

The claims came with advice not to use delivery services as this could cause the virus to spread further.

The Public Health Ministry has issued four new guidelines for delivery service operators as follows:

1. Strictly obey measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.

2. Screen delivery staff daily for symptoms.

3. Follow up on staff’s symptoms or risky behaviour by assessing them via the Thai Save Thai website or other means.

4. Record timelines of delivery staff each day.


The government is also considering whether to vaccinate delivery staff as a priority, said Health Department director-general Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai.

He added that even there is no evidence Covid-19 can be transmitted by food, restaurants providing a delivery service and people who use the service must comply with Public Health Ministry measures:

1. Restaurant operators must follow, study and publicise Covid-related information to delivery staff, and instruct them to maintain at least one-metre distance from customers and not place food on the floor.

2. Restaurants must be clean and food must be cooked at a minimum 70 degrees Celsius for more than five minutes.

3. Delivery staff must wear face masks, wash their hands, monitor themselves for symptoms regularly and see the doctor immediately if they are at risk of infection.

4. Customers must prepare food containers, wear face masks, maintain at least one-metre distance from delivery staff, wash hands after receiving food, and use e-payment or the exact amount of cash for the bill.