NHSO pays THB1.71bn to people hit by side-effects from Covid jabs

FRIDAY, APRIL 08, 2022

The National Health Security Office (NHSO) has paid 1.71 billion baht in compensation to 14,034 people who developed side effects from Covid-19 vaccines over the past year.

Jadet Thammathat-Aree, NHSO secretary-general, said on Friday that on April 15, 2021, the government instructed the NHSO to set up a system to compensate people suffering from Covid-19 vaccine side effects. He said the NHSO and its 13 regional offices have been focused on helping affected people since then.

As of Thursday, 17,171 people had filed complaints to seek compensation for what they claim to be side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines, Jadet said.

He added that the NHSO has approved payment to over 80 per cent or 14,034 applicants so far, and rejected 2,551 cases. The remaining 586 cases are still being reviewed.

The top five regions with the highest number of complaints about vaccine side-effects are:

• Region 13 (Bangkok): 2,811 cases

• Region 10 (Ubon Ratchathani): 1,984 cases

• Region 1 (Chiang Mai): 1,809 cases

• Region 8 (Udon Thani): 1,651 cases

• Region 9 (Nakhon Ratchasima): 1,155 cases

NHSO pays THB1.71bn to people hit by side-effects from Covid jabs He said 9,452 complainants (55.05 per cent) were entitled to medical rights under NHSO, while 4,061 complainants (23.65 per cent) came under the Social Security Office. Of the complainants seeking compensation, 18.89 per cent or 3,244 are government officials, while the remaining 412 complainants are not beneficiaries under any of the three government healthcare schemes.

Jadet said that of those compensated, 9,938 complainants fell under Category 1 or no severe side effects and were paid 100,000 baht each. Meanwhile, the 426 complainants who fell under Category 2 or had side effects that made them partially disabled were paid 240,000 baht each. As for the 3,670 who fell under Category 3, which covers deaths or permanent disability, they were given 400,000 baht in compensation each, he said.

NHSO pays THB1.71bn to people hit by side-effects from Covid jabs People who develop side effects from Covid-19 vaccines can file a complaint at the vaccination venue or at the provincial public health office or at any of the 13 NHSO regional offices. Complaints must be filed within two years of receiving the vaccine.

Once a complaint is received, a provincial sub-committee comprising doctors and people’s representatives will study details to see if the applicant is entitled to compensation and how much. If the complaint is rejected, the applicant can appeal to the NHSO head office within 30 days.