Tue, July 05, 2022


Embassies wish Thais a happy, prosperous Songkran

Several embassies in Thailand, including the US, China, Sweden and Australia, posted video clips on their Facebook pages to mark the Songkran festival.

The US Embassy posted a video clip on April 8, with Charge d’Affaires Michael Heath saying that amid the conflict among countries and adaptation to a new normal, Songkran is still an opportunity for people to show their gratitude, love and good wishes.

He said the US and Thailand have cooperated on various issues for more than 200 years in areas such as trade, security, health and education, as friends, partners and allies. He vowed to make Asean secure, safe and sustainable.

“We, the US Embassy, wish all Thais a happy Songkran,” he said.

Michael Heath

During the speech, officials placed garlands around Heath’s neck, pouring water on his body before splashing him with a bucket of water at the end.

Embassies wish Thais a happy, prosperous Songkran

The Chinese Embassy posted a video clip on Monday showing Ambassador Han Zhiqiang and officials taking part in traditional activities, such as pouring water, handing out garlands and even performing a Thai dance.

Han wished that all Thais would be rich in happiness during Songkran and prosper.

Meanwhile, a video clip by the Australian Embassy showed Ambassador Allan McKinnon and officials armed with water guns, looking like secret agents.

They then immediately changed into Thai-style outfits and performed various traditional activities.

McKinnon said this year is an important occasion for Thais and Australians as it is the 70th anniversary marking significant engagement and cooperation between Thailand and Australia.

He noted that the two nations had cooperated on various issues, such as politics, economy, society and culture.

The ambassador wished Thais a happy, healthy Songkran.

Jon Åström Gröndahl

The Embassy of Sweden also posted a video clip on Wednesday. Swedish Ambassador Jon Åström Gröndahl wished everyone an enjoyable Songkran with their loved ones. But he asked Thais to strictly observe Covid-19 health and safety measures.

He emphasised that Thais should be concerned about road safety as about 20,000 people lose their lives due to road accidents each year, similar to the number of Covid-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

“Please follow traffic rules: fasten your seatbelt, wear a helmet and refrain from drinking and driving,” he advised.

Published : April 13, 2022