Wed, July 06, 2022


Most people outside Bangkok want elected provincial governors: poll

A majority of Thais want the right to vote for their provincial governors just as Bangkokians do, according to a poll by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida).

Governors for all provinces outside Bangkok are appointed by the Interior Ministry.

The poll was conducted on May 2-4 among 1,316 voters from different educational and occupational backgrounds living outside Bangkok.

Asked if they were ready to vote for provincial governors:

- 47.87 per cent said definitely ready

- 28.80 per cent said moderately ready

- 11.25 per cent said definitely not ready

- 10.56 per cent said moderately not ready

- 1.52 per cent said they did not care

Asked if governor elections should be trialled in up to five major provinces:

- 55.55 per cent strongly agreed

- 28.87 per cent moderately agreed

- 8.74 per cent strongly disagreed

- 6.38 per cent moderately disagreed

- 0.46 per cent said they did not care

Asked how they felt about the Bangkok governor election on May 22:

- 33.97 per cent said an elected governor would better fulfil people’s demands

- 20.14 per cent said they also wanted to elect their governor

- 19.15 per cent said governor candidates’ policies were just pipedreams

- 13.07 per cent said they were interested in candidates' policies

- 8.59 per cent said appointed governors were just as effective as elected governors

- 8.36 per cent said the Bangkok elections strengthened democracy

- 7.67 per cent said they were envious of Bangkokians’ right to vote for their governor

- 6.91 per cent said elected provincial governors would only represent influential people

- 5.09 per cent said elected provincial governors were unnecessary as provincial administrative organisation presidents already exist

- 1.75 per cent said governor elections in other provinces would cause social conflict

Published : May 08, 2022