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SATURDAY, December 09, 2023

The new Bangkok governor and his 214 policies

The new Bangkok governor and his 214 policies
TUESDAY, May 31, 2022

Chadchart Sittipunt, who made history with a record mandate in the Bangkok governor election on May 22, has come up with a campaign called: “Bangkok, a livable city for everyone” , which consists of 214 policies under nine "good" categories:

The new Bangkok governor and his 214 policies

They are:

1. Good safety

• Designate areas at risk of crimes, traffic and disaster

• Set up a command centre to tackle disaster

• Check for damaged roads and power outages

2. Good travel

• Install a smart traffic management system to facilitate traffic

• Improve public transport, as well as increase main and minor bus lines at cheap fares

• Discuss BTS Green Line issues to reduce the burden on people

• Improve pavements

3. Good health

• Enable Bangkok hospitals to access patients' medical history to improve medical treatment

• Improve Health Service Centres' potential

• Implement telemedicine service

• Increase exercise areas and sports grounds

4. Good creative

• Change Bangkok City Hall and Lan Khon Muang Town Square into a museum and creative space

• Organise open-air art exhibitions to attract people

• Set up a database on government and private areas to facilitate public activities

5. Good environment

• Plant trees to boost green areas and tackle air pollution

• Hire arborists to take care of trees in each district

• Launch a project to detect black exhaust smoke

• Launch a project to manage waste

6. Good structure

• Rearrange city structure

• Improve infrastructure

• Create jobs

• Reduce congestion in the city

• Launch a project to dredge pipes and canals

• Set up high-quality water pumps

• Reduce flood-prone areas

• Seek natural flood-intake areas

7. Good management

• Develop tracking systems for applications with Bangkok agencies

• Amend Bangkok related canons

• Enable people to participate in budgeting

• Allow people to assess Bangkok district directors and governor


The new Bangkok governor and his 214 policies

8. Good education

• Open schools on holidays as activity and learning spaces for students and community members

• Extend school hours to match with parents' working hours

• Organise creative activities from speakers inside and outside schools

• Add foreign language courses

• Apply technologies in schools, so students’ skills can be built up for the future

9. Good economy

• Build a creative economy across Bangkok

• Promote Bangkok districts to stimulate the grassroots economy

• Improve street vendors' quality of life

• Increase access to financial resources

• Provide technical assistance and create trade venues

• Launch a project to create a Made in Bangkok brand

• Select and develop products from manufacturers in Bangkok

• Promote and expand products in e-commerce markets

The new Bangkok governor and his 214 policies