Mon, June 27, 2022


Parliament police shoot down new uniform plan

Police guarding the Parliament compound lodged a complaint with the Parliament president and opposition whips on Wednesday, voicing opposition to a change of their uniform.

A group of 60 Parliament policemen gathered to submit a letter to President Chuan Leekpai, Sutin Klungsaeng, chief opposition whip, Pheu Thai MP Khajit Chainikhom (Udon Thani), and Pheu Thai MP Wisut Chaiyanaroon (Phayao) to express opposition to a change in their uniform.

On June 12, Chuan reportedly approved the plan to “improve the uniforms of Parliament police to suit the present time”.

The plan calls for 200 new uniforms to be procured at 5,000 baht apiece by December, which requires a budget of at least 2 million baht.

The uniform upgrade covers shirts, pants, skirts, buttons, hats and insignia.

Chuan said on Monday that the new uniforms would be used after the next House tenure begins following a general election next year.

Speaking to reporters after receiving the letter, Khajit said he received complaints from several police officers based at Parliament who informed him that they did not want any change in their uniforms.

“They feel their current uniforms are good enough, although they are dressed like police officers of other units. They reason that if being similar is good, then why do they have to change?” Khajit said.

“So, we should not waste more than 2 million baht on changing the uniforms.”

Parliament police shoot down new uniform plan Khajit said Parliament should have earlier sounded out opinions from the policemen on whether they wanted the change instead of thinking and planning for them.

“The ones who wear the uniforms are policemen. Since they are happy with their existing uniforms, why do the executives have to be worried for them?” Khajit said.

“Any order given must first take into account the feelings of the subordinates.”

Khajit said he did not believe the Parliament Office claim that police guarding the compound wanted a change in their uniforms. He said several policemen complained to him that they did not want any change.

Some Parliament representatives told reporters that the new design came out of the blue instead of being based on uniforms worn by policemen guarding courts and other independent organisations.

Published : June 22, 2022