Mon, August 15, 2022


All Thais can still get free Covid treatment despite move to endemic

Although Covid-19 has been regarded endemic since July 1, all Thai citizens remain eligible for free treatment if they catch the disease, according to the National Health Security Office (NHSO).

The government said on Saturday that Covid-19 patients can still get treatment in line with their healthcare rights.

“The prime minister has stressed that healthcare must cover all groups of people,” government spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said. “The government certainly will not leave anyone behind. Please believe in the Thai public health system.”

However, she said it was more important for people to boost their immunity by taking care of their health.

She also said that anyone in an at-risk group can order free Covid-19 antigen tests via the Pao Tang app to pick up at a pharmacy near their home.

Those who test positive for Covid-19 but have no severe symptoms are entitled to treatment and medicines from hospital outpatient departments, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, people with severe Covid who need to be admitted to hospital are still eligible for free treatment under the UCEP Plus (Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients) scheme.

Published : July 02, 2022