Who’s who in Buri Charoen Construction that was highlighted in censure debate


The Buri Charoen Construction Co Ltd, which won projects worth over 1 billion baht from Transport Ministry, came under attack in Parliament with the opposition targeting Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob on Tuesday.

Firing the salvos against Saksayam was Move Forward party-list MP Pakornwut Udompipatskul.

Pakornwut alleged that Saksayam had continued to own Buri Charoen Construction through a nominee and had granted construction projects of his ministry to the firm.

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Saksayam denies owning firm that won THB1bn Transport Ministry projects]

Pakornwut’s key debate points were:

- Buri Charoen was established in 1996 with the Chidchob family holding 80 per cent of shares.

- Buri Charoen’s office was Saksayam’s home address.

- When he took a political position, Saksayam offloaded all his shares in Buri Construction and the company’s office was moved elsewhere.

- In 2015, when the National Council for Peace and Order was in power, Saksayam retook almost complete ownership of Buri Charoen.

- Saksayam increased the firm’s registered capital to 120 billion baht and moved the company’s address back to his home.

- In 2018, before the general election, Saksayam offloaded all shares and transferred the company’s address elsewhere just 23 days before he became transport minister.

The Creden Data online database of the Business Development Department revealed the following key information related to Buri Charoen Construction Co Ltd:

- Address: 30/17, Moo 15, Tambon Isaan, Muang district, Buri Ram

- Registration date: March 8 1996

- Type of business: Construction contractor

- Authorised capital: 159 million baht at present


- Supawat Kasemsut, 159.496 million baht investment

- Parichart Khansen, 1,000 baht investment

- Ekkarat Chidchob, 1,000 baht investment

- Warangsiri Rakiti, 1,000 baht investment

- Napaporn Sisaeng, 1,000 baht investment

- Ananyalak Charoendej, 1,000 baht investment

Changes in authorised capital:

▪︎ March 8, 1996: Buri Charoen Construction was registered with 30 million baht authorised capital

▪︎June 18, 2002: Authorised capital increased to 40 million baht

▪︎April 1, 2003: Authorised capital increased to 66 million baht but was then reduced to 40 million baht

▪︎March 27, 2015: Authorised capital decreased to 25.501 million baht

▪︎April 2, 2015: Authorised capital increased to 65.501 million baht

▪︎October 9, 2015: Authorised capital increased to 119.501 million baht

▪︎May 8, 2019: Authorised capital increased to 159.501 million baht

Current directors:

- Supawat Kasemsut

- Parichart Khansen

- Ekkarat Chidchob

- Warangsiri Rakiti

Changes to company’s directors:


- Napaporn Sisaeng

- Ananyalak Charoendej

- Warangsiri Rakiti

- Parichart Khansen

- Ekkarat Chidchob

- Supawat Kasemsut


Ananyalak Charoendej and Napaporn Sisaeng resigned.

Record of projects won from the state from 2015-22

- 296 projects

- Total value: 3.262 billion baht

During the period, the company won 47 projects from the Transport Ministry worth 1.088 billion baht with details as follows:


• Buri Charoen Construction won 23 projects from the Transport Ministry worth 595.65 million baht. They comprised 8 projects of the Highways Department worth 274.43 million baht and 15 projects of the Rural Roads Department worth 321.22 million baht.


• The company won 24 projects from the Transport Ministry worth 493.56 million baht. They comprised 9 projects of the Highways Department worth 221.97 million baht and 15 projects of the Rural Roads Department worth 271.59 million baht.

Who’s who in Buri Charoen Construction that was highlighted in censure debate The company's financial statement for 2021 showed:

Total assets: 302 million baht

Total revenue: 629 million baht

Total expenses: 603 million baht

Profit: 20 million baht