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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Taxi poll shows Uber, GrabCar the choice

Taxi poll shows Uber, GrabCar the choice

FRIDAY, December 04, 2015
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An online poll on taxi services has seen a large majority vouching for Uber, GrabCar and other transport apps.

The poll, which saw some 46,265 people take part, found that 70.3% of them were in favour of the Government regulating the apps.
It found that 86.1% of the voters used Uber and GrabCar before, and that 71.3% of people found these apps more reliable than taxis.
The survey was set up by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) from Nov 25 to Dec 3.
Taxi drivers claim that Uber and GrabCar are illegal, and have demanded that they be banned.
Instead, SPAD has implied that it may regulate these services, which taxi drivers are not too happy about.
About 64.4% of respondents felt that Uber and GrabCar were affordable, while 59.5% used these apps over taxis because they were accessible.
When it came to taxis, the poll found that voters were overwhelmingly unhappy with drivers overcharging or not using their meters (89.1%).
Some 71.9% of voters were not happy with drivers' attitudes.
Taxi poll shows Uber, GrabCar the choice