Sun, November 28, 2021


Over 23,000 prisoners released under general amnesty on Myanmar New Year Day

A total of 23,407 prisoners from various prisons across Myanmar were granted a general amnesty today including over 800 from Insein Prison in Yangon Region and about 2800 inmates from 5 prisons in Mandalay Region.

More than 800 prisoners from Insein prison were granted pardon today (Myanmar New Year Day) at 11:00 am according to Insein prison.

Families and their relatives waited in front of Insein prison since the early hour of this morning to receive them.

About 2,796 prisoners from Mandalay Obo, Myingyan, Meikhtila. Yamethin and Nyaung-U prisons in Mandalay Region were granted clemency and majority of them have already served a quarter of their sentences. They were released from their sentences in accordance with criminal code 401, sub-section (1).

“From Obo prison, 1300 male and 267 female prisoners were released in accordance with TV announcement. Twelve vehicles transported them to respective townships. In the past, they were transported to their wards or streets. Since 8:00 am this morning, we are releasing them under the instructions of State Administrative Council,” said in charge of Obo prison.

Six students from all Burma students union were released but some students were still serving their sentences. They were arrested for protesting Rakhine State affairs and protesting war.

Myanmar Television has announced that 23,407 prisoners were granted pardon on Myanmar New Year Day, today.

Published : April 18, 2021

By : Eleven Media / ANN