Wed, July 06, 2022


Welcome to the reality-based world Trump accurately reads

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Re: “Peace makes readiness for war”, Have Your Say, May 23.

It is interesting to read Somsak Pola’s letter, which is straight from President Donald Trump’s code of common sense. Well done, Somsak. Perhaps more people will wake up to the common sense that appears to be the least common attribute in this social-media-indoctrinated virtual world of make-believe.
As hard as we may try, at the end of the day, we cannot escape the reality of gravity that keeps us stuck to terra firma. As the age old saying goes, “the firma, the less the terra”. 
Let’s stop floating around in fantasyland and learn to live with the basic truisms imposed by natural forces. And let this be the basis on which we make our judgements of others.
JC Wilcox

Published : May 23, 2018