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Royal Project celebrates 50th anniversary with health-giving fair

Aug 08. 2019
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By The Nation

Thailand’s Royal Project turns 50 this year and is joining up with Central Pattana to mark the occasion with the “Royal Project 50” event, which gets underway tomorrow (August 9) at CentralWorld’s Eden Zone.

The fair, which continues through August 18, will also pay tribute to His Majesty King Rama X, honour the memory of the late King Rama IX, the founder of the Royal Project, and celebrate the 87th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother on August 12.

It will also serve to publicise the work of the Royal Project Foundation throughout its 50 years and promote products from 20 royal family members’ projects and support units. 

The event will be fully decorated with ‘Yellow Star’ flowers, their bright golden colour reflecting the peaceful golden land of Thailand. About 839 crops and products will be available at the event with seven of them under the spotlight for their health properties. One of these is the Peterson avocado, a yellow-green round avocado with a great taste, rich in vitamins and minerals as well as protein. It contains low sugar and unsaturated fats with no cholesterol, and is suitable for diabetics.

Highland Kai-Pa wild rice, known as the hilltribe Pakakayo’s rice, has a long and slender grain similar to Jasmine rice. It contains antioxidants and is high in potassium, which works with sodium to control the balance of water in the body and helps to normalise the heartbeat. The rice also contains vitamin B1, which helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and treat Beriberi.

Highland Yellow wild rice or Pakakayo and Lawa rice has a short and slender grain. It is fragrant and very soft when cooked and contains Gamma Oryzanol, which helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It also has antioxidants and helps to reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It is rich in potassium which helps to control the water balance in the body and is rich in iron. HaaoLeTin brown rice is a short and large grain Lawa rice that is rich in protein, calcium and sodium which helps to normalise the nervous system and muscle functions.

Quinoa is a superfood containing nine amino acids that our body cannot create. It is high in fibre, protein, gluten-free and rich in magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and anti-oxidants; Perilla seeds are widely grown in northern Thailand and the oil in the seed helps to reduce fat in the blood and reduce cholesterol levels. Perilla seed oil contains both Omega 3 and 6, with 40 times more phosphorus and 20 times more calcium than other plants. It contains vitamin B and sesamol, which helps to prevent cancer and slow down the ageing process; Navy beans are rich in protein and fiber and contain phaseolamin, which has the ability to inhibit the activity of amylase enzymes by up to 66 per cent, preventing carbohydrate being ingested from absorption. It can be used in many different dishes: boiled and eaten as part of a salad, and used for navy bean milk.

Other recommended products include five-flavour tea from the Royal Project, Lingzhi and Jiaogulan mixed herbal tea, herbal toothpaste and exclusive premium gift sets including 380 sets of Royal Project Arabica Coffee Single Origin, 1,000 sets of Chamomile Vetiver and Chamomile Lavender, and 500 sets of Isaria Nourish Skin products.

Shoppers can also visit the exhibition, “Background and Progress of 50 Years”, which showcases the activities of the Royal Project from its first decade of pioneering research to today; an exhibition of the Royal Project Foundation’s new plant innovations at the Central Court area; cooking and handicraft demonstrations using crops and products from the Royal Project; and a wealth of handicrafts that make perfect gifts.

Doi Kham will introduce three new products, namely a Fingerroot extract drink with honey and lemon – which helps to nourish the body and balance the hormones, and is high in calcium thereby helping to prevent osteoporosis; Tri Pha La herbal drink – with the power of ‘three great Thai herbs’ comprising Indian gooseberry (high in vitamin C), Myrobalan (to improve intestinal microbial balance) and Belleric Myrobalan (to help boost the immune system); and low sodium tomato sauce sweetened with stevia instead of sugar.

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